In my Christmas Newsletter I mentioned that on my visit to our Grail Trust project in November 2018, my sixth visit, I visited four places which are doing valuable work in the Vallioor area. They are a Leprosarium at Peikulam, an old people`s home in Vallioor, the Bishop Sargent Home for Intellectually Challenged Children in Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli) and the Mercy Home of the Sacred Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesuis in Anaikarai. Two of these I had visited before. They are all doing much-needed work for some of the most vulnerable people. The old people`s home is one of the very few of its kind caring for the elderly destitute; if your family cannot support you in old age you have nowhere else to go. The two homes for mentally damaged chjildren and adults care for very vulnerable children suffering from a range of afflictions including Down`s Syndrome, cerebral palsy and severe autism. Sadly many families haver rejected these people as children and at the Mercy Home some are there for life with nowhere else to go. As Grail Trust we can only help children for their education and maintenance according to our trust deed but through our generous supporter base we have coordinated separately donations for these four causes and sent the money for distribution in India. Full details and receipts are available on request. We have just sent a total of £4,800 to support these four causes. On behalf of these charities, please accept their gratitude and we will update you on what they are doing.

The trustees of Grail Trust UK are pleased to announce the appointment of a new trustee, Mrs Lynda Chugg. In fact Lynda has served as a trustee before, so it is a resumption of a former position. Lynda has had a long connection with India and made many visits, and has supported many Grail Trust students. She has also produced many newsletters in the past to supporters and sponsors, and put together the Christmas newsletter. We are very pleased she has rejoined the trustee body; we are now four trustees. We look forward to the opportunities for us in 2019. I am currently trying to promote our cause among church networks in North Wales so that mission giving can have a focus on projects including ours where regular visits can reinforce the personal links on which our project depends for its best effectiveness.

New Year Greetings to all Friends and Supporters. Following my sixth visit in November 2018 to Tamil Nadu, I sent out a report which brought in an extra £1100+ in donations-thank you very much. This will fund our work with more disadvantaged children as we are taking on another five children in May 2019 making a total of 110, and we are also incrteasing support by 100 rupees a month to make the basic food allowance 800 rupees monthly, a necessary move with rising costs in India. I also visited four projects which I commend to you- a leprosy centre, a home for the elderly destitute, and two homes for mentally damaged children and adults-and I can give you more information on them I can also send copies of my November visit report to any of your friends-text me on 07935 368094 or email me